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Seriously, Deliveroo kitchen? Omg!

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  • Seriously, Deliveroo kitchen? Omg!

    #Deliveroo Please don't follow the same trail of UberEats. I don't want to deliver factory food working with you.

    Seriously, Deliveroo kitchen?

    I couldn't believe that when I saw the Bloomberg interview of Will Shu saying that he is going to use the $575m funding from Amazon for Deliveroo kitchen.

    #Deliveroo disrupting local gangs who leech off the local delivery crew, not paying share (donating)to the local police to cover their back, so the delivery guys are being lynched often. And Deliveroo kitchen will disrupt the local restaurants market share, eventually turning our potential customers to our competitors!

    Can we focus on best and quality Delivery please?

    Enable the option to add 10$ tip for singing a happy birthday song upon delivery, damn it!