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  • Calling customer

    Hello, this is KIM from Deliveroo!
    May I ask if I can talk with "Customer"?


    Hi! I am now in "Restaurant" and
    waiting your orders to be ready for delivery.
    May I confirm your order is " "?


    Just to let you know, if you need any think else on the way, I can help you getting it delivered as well, to your place with a little tip!
    Do you need anyting else on the way?

    "Yes, can you buy me one Starbucks milk latte tall size please?"

    Sure, but would you please I'll pay extra 20$ on top of the bill"

    >> Cashless? Go Cashless? How to make it easy payment and non-revokable way?

    My phone number is 88888888, so please let me know if you need anything on the way!
    (Privacy issue? - solution virtual phone number?)


    I will keep you updated and you can also see my location in real time, through out the entire journey to you.
    See you later then!

    -Sample script-