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    Hey deliveroo cyclist around UK I am a courier based in Plymouth!

    As all of you are aware - many are unhappy about the recent change in booking hours with deliveroo. Cyclists now can’t really gain access to priority when booking hours - lets all stand together and support one another around UK.

    I would like to suggest that's you join us in unionising with the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain - here we can arrange strikes all over the country and get help organising and negotiating changes for the courier community.

    The link to join the independent Workers Union of Great Britain is the link:

    We are currently in the process of campaigning for a number of changes on Stuart including democratic election of area captains, Limb B worker status (not employment but given access to some benefits such as sick pay and pension contributions!) and an increase in available slots due to over-onboarding by the company in some areas.

    The IWGB has already seen a number of successful campaigns winning benefits and pay increases for couriers working for Sprint, Ecourier and The Doctors Laboratory.